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Celebrating A Humble Milestone.

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

When you want it to rain heavy you must always appreciate the humble small drops first..

So here we are in our favourite month of May (amongst a few others). Celebrating being a Finalist in a Global and industry-sponsored award. This is one of our giant steps (maybe considerably small to other brands) but for us, it’s definitely a large step into the right direction and we are humbled and thankful.

We at first did the whole “umm” and “maybe not” at the beginning but when we found out that we were finalists we were ecstatic (I say we as I imagined all those along the way who had supported this new brand receiving the news also).

Our Stimulating oil had brought us to be Globally recognised for its quality and development. Our goal to bring the best to our customers just got

At first we didn’t realise there were over 600 applicant (631 to be precise) and the largest amount of entries they ever had. Believe if this was known beforehand then BOA would have definitely postponed being part of it until next year!! Thank God we didn’t!!

In our category, we saw a large company going for the same award and that is when the humble penny dropped and believe we caught it!! So thankful to have had a moment to stop and reflect on how “us” a small handmade brand still growing found itself here.

Realising the gravity of the fact that we had just been selected amongst large multinational companies! In other words products from our tiny hands (figuratively speaking) have been recognised as much as the products that have been created by multinational companies with teams working around the clock who have been around for decades (the giant hands). #Humbled

So we are taking a moment to take a deep breath, reflect and be thankful for this milestone.

The truth is, if those gems who loved our products didn’t keep giving us feedback and our faith to know that the seed we are holding will grow into something great we would have stopped and never had been able to witness and experience this.

Note to self… “Don’t look back & keep going, you can’t see it now but it will ALWAYS work out in the end”

So we are thankful and humbled by this to be a Finalist in the 2020 Pure Beauty Global Awards. Introducing our Stimulating Beard Oil!!!

We really do love what we do and still have a journey ahead and will keep going…

So if you are a start up or a one man band or think there’s too much competition trust me if we can, you can! There is always room for a woman’s & man’s vision in this world no matter how big or small it’s starts with one drop, catch it and run with it!!

With Love as always #TeamBOA

P. S Don’t Forget to check out our Shop by clicking here with our starboy Stimulating oil. And if you want any beard grooming tips don’t forget to check out our previous post

Have any questions?

Feel feel to drop us a line or DM us on Instagram @aarons_beardz

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