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Updated: Dec 15, 2020

So this interview came about organically, just like the brand.

That’s how we stumbled across Nicholas @beardician who has an attention-grabbing beard!

Here he shares all his best tips with us from starting his growth journey to maintaining the best Afrobeard- so share, repost and take some notes!

So how long have you had your beard for?

I have had a beard for many years now, about 6 years but I cut it completely down a couple of times during the early stages.

Any tips on keeping an Afro beard looking so healthy?

Before washing beard soak in oil of your choice but I use pure coconut oil. This conditions and nourishes the beard, trust me, you feel the difference when washed. Always use a heat protector when drying the beard to protect against heat damage.

How do you keep it staying so thick and full?

I get asked the question all the time “how comes your beard is so thick and full” simple answer is… I do not put pressure on those follicles, I detangle my beard with my fingers…. and never really comb it out completely. If I do, I do it very gently.

May sound odd, but results are a healthy beard!

(“pssst we don’t find it odd we understand all about the importance of the follicles for healthy beard that’s why we developed the no allergen Simulating Oil designed for healthier hair roots & follicles”. BOA)

What type of products would you recommend?

I try to stick to one or two products, best thing to do is find a balm that works for your hair texture and an oil your beard absorbs nicely.

Have you had any bad experiences from any beard products?

Can’t think of one that’s given me a bad experience however, I cannot use the average / generic beards balms out there. Due to the texture of my beard It requires lighter products, not too heavy or greasy.

You mentioned cutting down your beard a few times in the early stages, How was the first year of your beard growth?

It took a while to get used to having hair on my face as I was always completely clean-shaven. But first year was easy as it’s shorter and requires less maintenance. I’d say the most important things during the early stages are maintaining a strong high beard line and nourishing my skin underneath.

If you could start again knowing what you know now what would you do differently at the start?

Shape my beard myself as opposed to letting a barber take down my beard lines against my will. Embrace each new chapter in my beards journey. Each month is a new stage and each stage requires a new regime.

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